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three guitars aI have been playing guitar since my teens. After a number of years of playing in bands and performing at open mic nights, I decided to take up lessons with a professional RGT tutor. For me, this was like someone had taken the blinkers from my eyes. I’m thankful for the Registry of Guitar Tutors (RGT) who guided me into a deeper understanding of the guitar and music itself.

I progressed through the RGT/London College of Music (LCM) grades system till I gained a grade 8 distinction.  I went on to take the Licentiate Guitar Teachers Diploma.  I am now not only a RGT registered guitar tutor, but also an RGT/LCM guitar examiner. I am also a singer/songwriter and occasionally perform locally with my wife in our Duo called Sweet Joni. I’ve also gained a Finalist position in the UK Songwriting Contest (Brit Trust) with one of my instrumental compositions.


If you would like to buy the album ‘Found’ by Sweet JoNi as a download then click the link below or send me a message via my contacts page to purchase a CD.

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I’m now no longer a Guitar Tutor as I’m training for the Anglican Ministry (Church of England) and I’m currently about to start work as a Curate. However, I would like to keep this website going for a while to be an guide and inspiration to anyone looking to play or develop their guitar playing.

Joe Lannon, LLCM(TD), PGCE,

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